Kolkajen nominated for the Swedish Architects' Plan Prize 2017

Architects Sweden has nominated the City of Stockholm's planning work with Kolkajen for this year's planning award. We are very happy and proud that FOJAB arkitekter is involved in the project.

Kolkajen is part of Stockholm's major investment in the development of Stockholm Royal Seaport and one of Sweden's largest development areas. Stockholm wants to create good conditions for cyclists and pedestrians, and the ambition is to create a neighborhood that is as car-free as possible. The number of parking spaces per apartment is low. The most sustainable and climate-smart district in Sweden will be built.

The nomination in Kolkajen concerns, among other things, the work on the detailed plan and design program. FOJAB arkitekter is currently working on developing all detailed plans, design programs and programs and system documentation for street and play environments in the area. Through a previous prequalification and parallel assignment, FOJAB has entered into a framework agreement with the City of Stockholm for the continued work. Karin Fagerberg is a planning consultant on behalf of FOJAB in the Kolkajen N Djurgårdsstaden project.

The Plan Prize is awarded to stimulate and disseminate good examples of good Swedish urban planning or urban design. It was established in 1992 by the former SAR, the Swedish Architects' Association, and has been awarded by the Swedish Architects since 2002.

The winner of the Plan Prize will be presented at the Architecture Gala on November 28 at Cirkus in Stockholm.