Karin Fagerberg new Chairman of the Board of Sustainable Business Hub Scandinavia

Karin Fagerberg works as CCO and commissioned architect with a focus on urban planning at FOJAB arkitekter. Since a few months back, Karin is also the new chairman of the board of the environmental technology network Sustainable Business Hub Scandinavia.

The network's vision is for southern Sweden to develop into a world-leading region in cleantech by 2020. The mission is to promote increased competitiveness and exports among the region's cleantech companies.
In order to develop their business both in Sweden and on the export market, they work in cluster form with various projects, one of which is SUD, Sustainable Urban Development, in which FOJAB arkitekter actively participates. SUD works to gather excellence in sustainable urban development.

'With support from the Delegation for Sustainable Cities, the SUD cluster has participated in international urban development contexts, most recently in Poland and Russia,' says Karin Fagerberg. 'At the regional level, we organize so-called leading edge seminars for Skåne's municipalities in collaboration with Region Skåne. In my role as chairman of the board, I come into contact with additional areas of expertise and industries in cleantech, while at the same time I get a chance to support the part of the business community that wants to be at the forefront of sustainable solutions.

Sustainable Business Hub Scandinavia, www.sbhub.se