Innovative ecovillage in Röstånga

There are many social challenges in Sweden today that need to be met innovatively and where good architecture plays a central role. FOJAB arkitekter therefore works continuously on projects where social innovation and social sustainability are in focus. One of them is the R:ekobyn in little Röstånga in Skåne, where we participate as an architect and co-financier.

The project is a local initiative and is run by a newly formed economic association. The aim is to maintain and develop services, housing, schools and public transport in the area so that more people can live and work there. R:ekobyn aims to build an ecovillage for around thirty new households in Röstånga based on a sustainable plan for a new, alternative and vibrant living environment. Linked to this is an open learning process that engages both residents and other interested parties.

FOJAB arkitekter is participating as one of the co-financiers and is developing proposals and a new detailed plan for the property. Part of the assignment includes working with the client to investigate and discuss building technology, energy solutions and forms of financing. It is a combination of knowledge building, customer benefit with a broader societal benefit.

- R:ekobyn is a project that can mean a lot to a rural town like Röstånga. Based on a local commitment, not only the final result but also the process will create value. In addition, we as an office have the opportunity to test a new model for co-financing and participation in a project with a clear focus on social sustainability and community benefit. We see great development opportunities with R:ekobyn, both for us and for Röstånga," says Sara Ericsson, responsible for social innovation and sustainability at FOJAB arkitekter and managing architect for R:ekobyn.

The detailed plan for R:ekobyn will be completed and submitted to Svalöv Municipality in July 2019, and the ecovillage itself may then become a reality after a few more years.