Housing in Linköping

FOJAB arkitekter has been commissioned by HSB Östergötland to design a new residential quarter with 50 apartments at Folkets Park in Linköping.

The block in question is a challenge mainly because of its location on the edge of the area, right next to a noisy thoroughfare to the west. To the east, there is a part of the park that is almost like a forest hill, and it is against this lushness that the block opens up its interior.

The elevated courtyard is intended to be characterized by playfulness, greenery and water features. Via a staircase and a wide opening in the ground floor of the building, it connects with the local street that leads further south into the residential area. The water mirrors are an important element of the courtyard design as they reflect light and forest greenery into the homes. Together with the terraces, they become the link between the courtyard and the forest.

Folkets Park, which was inaugurated in 1921, is centrally located in Linköping and is characterized by a lush park environment. A small, central part of the park will be retained and renovated for its original purpose and the rest will be developed with five-storey apartment buildings and a small terraced house area - a total of about 300 new homes.