House architect - an honorable task

In 2016, the National Property Board appointed Mattias Hedberg Ek as house architect for the Kristianstad residence. The appointment is for six years with the possibility of a three-year extension.

As house architect and general consultant for the Residence in Kristianstad, Mattias Hedberg Ek is responsible for the building's maintenance and development. In close cooperation with the National Property Board, the house architect ensures that the architectural, artistic, antiquarian and technical views are met and that quality and continuity are achieved in the ongoing care of the building. House architects have a six-year appointment with the possibility of a three-year extension. The assignment is personal.

- House architect is an honorable and extremely interesting job. It is about preserving and refining, without destroying the historical values. Architecture on a small scale that has a big impact," says architect Mattias Hedberg Ek.

The residence in Kristianstad was designed by architect Fredrik Wilhelm Scholander and built in 1857-1860. At that time, the building was the residence of the county governor and premises for the county council. It was later expanded with, among other things, several floors. The residence, which has been a listed building since 1935, is today partly empty and is used as an office for the Swedish National Land Survey, among others.

Conservation of a national monument
Over the next few years, the residence will be renovated and adapted for new functions and tenants. A facade renovation is currently being carried out in collaboration with another architect. The representation floor will eventually be converted into office space.

- It is desirable to modernize and attract businesses. Much work lies in preserving the room structure but at the same time adapting the premises to today's modern needs," says Mattias Hedberg Ek.

Close cooperation is crucial
Old houses and buildings require skilled designers and close cooperation is therefore essential. The house architect is responsible for the overall project and for coordinating the necessary skills. For example, specialists in fire, plumbing, lighting, coloring, environment, sheet metal and painting.