Hofs Park - Future housing for the elderly in Växjö

Last autumn, Växjöbostäder AB arranged an idea competition regarding a concept for how the future housing for the elderly in Växjö should be designed. FOJAB, together with the real estate company APP Properties, has developed a unique neighborhood for the target group 55+.

The design is based on the basic idea of letting the park and the green environment characterize living in Hofs Park. The park creates community for the residents and promotes a social and active life in the neighborhood. Green paths, walkways and outdoor environments interact well with the sculpted buildings and the surroundings. Adjacent to the park and square are the neighborhood's common facilities, such as a restaurant and café, gym, indoor and outdoor pool. Together with the boule and tennis courts, the pensioners' house, medical center and shops form a whole. The block will also include a preschool, which contributes to a vibrant neighborhood.

Hofs Park has high environmental and sustainability standards from a social, ecological and economic perspective. The idea is to install solar cells and meters for electricity, hot and cold water where residents can compare their consumption with an average for the area. This will further enhance the attractiveness of the neighborhood and contribute to Europe's greenest city. Construction of Hofs Park is planned to start in the fall of 2018.