Hansa - one step closer to opening

Since 2015, Hansa, the large department store between Stora Nygatan and Södra Promenaden in central Malmö, has been undergoing extensive design changes. We at FOJAB arkitekter are responsible for the design and planning with a focus on refining this central meeting place. Naturally, the ambition is for the old NK building to once again become a strong commercial center. The inauguration will take place in the fall of 2017, but large parts are already ready.

Hansa opened already in 1963, but then as NK. In the 1990s, the department store changed its name to Hansacompagniet. Now Hansa is undergoing a fundamental change. In close cooperation with the client AREIM and HEA Property Partner, FOJAB arkitekter is working to refine Hansa's two blocks into a modern and attractive shopping area in the center of Malmö.

Kv. Stadt Hamburg, Hansagallerian, has already been largely rebuilt with several new players and a completely new design. The block has changed with more shop entrances and major facade changes to open up for a more active urban life around the buildings.

Kv. Lybeck, the Hansa department store, will go back to being a more open department store of the NK character, with more entrances than today and a new facade. With this concept comes changed opening hours and thus more people in the evenings.

At the same time, the blocks contain much more than just the retail space in Hansa. There are also offices, housing, a parking garage, a school and a medical center. Many of these activities are being designed and built in parallel with the redevelopment of the shopping area.

The whole is expected to be completed in the fall of 2017 when the grand opening will take place.

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