Groundbreaking ceremony for new court building

On December 5, a groundbreaking ceremony is held for the new district court in Vänersborg. The court building will be a sharply cut volume that signals authority and dignity, but also humility and openness.

The 6 850 square meter building will house both the District Court and the Land and Environment Court. It will house approximately 130 workstations, 11 courtrooms, including two security rooms, a reception area with security control, public areas, staff offices, and transportation and detention rooms.

There is a strong focus on safety and integrity, with separate entrances to all rooms and separate flows throughout the building, including separate escape routes. The building is also prepared for possible future expansion in such a way that safety zones and flows are ensured.

FOJAB are the architects of the new court building, Hemsö is the property owner and developer, the Swedish National Courts Administration is the tenant and Serneke is the contractor.

- "It is very positive for both the process and the end result that Hemsö and Serneke see the value of retaining all the expertise throughout the project. We as architects formulate the basic idea and are responsible for the design, but it is through the commitment and cooperation of all parties involved that we together ensure the quality of the end result," says Kjell Adamsson, commissioned architect at FOJAB.

The district court is located at the southern entrance to Vänersborg, just where the block structure of the city center meets the lush park environment. The new building will be part of a context with older institutional buildings and contribute to the transition between the stone town and the park.

The design language is basically simple with a few character-building touches. The copper-green ceramic panels of the facade are slightly curved, creating effective shadows - a bit like the ripple of water on Lake Vänern. Large expanses of glass expose the building's interior and are alternated with dense sections, well balanced to manage views, privacy, daylight and the high environmental ambitions. The plan is to certify the building according to Miljöbyggnad Silver.

The new court building will be completed in 2026.