Gränden is Allmännyttan's best new construction project

The Gränden block, which FOJAB designed for Lund Kommunala Fastighetsbolag, has been chosen as the best new construction project in 2023. ”Surprising and skillful transformation of a desolate parking street into a beautiful urban environment”, writes the jury in the motivation.

FOJAB has developed the Offerkällan million program area in northern Lund for LKF with eight new buildings named Gränden. "The buildings are carefully adapted to the site and the existing buildings, but also add a harmonious variation in height and choice of materials," writes the jury in its motivation for the first prize.

- The alley is close to my heart, so it's great that it's being recognized! It was important for us to take advantage of the fine qualities of the area and at the same time improve what does not work as well. With well-balanced placement, strong form and high quality in materials and detailing, the new houses have become a boost for the entire area. This is the result of a really good collaboration with LKF and project manager Anna Medin," says Joachim Lundquist, responsible architect at FOJAB.

When the Offerkällan million-dollar program was built in the 1960s, the road was lowered into a ditch in the manner of the time. Traffic was kept separate from the residents, but it also meant that the area was divided in two. To heal the two parts, six of the new houses have been placed along the previously submerged road. What used to be a desolate asphalt ditch with garage entrances for cars has been transformed into a safe and pleasant urban street for pedestrians and different types of traffic with more and different types of entrances, windows and porticos.

The new development is higher than the existing one, but connects to the lower buildings through a two-storey arm at one end of the street. Townhouses on the ground floor provide nice micro-environments and an increased variety of housing qualities. Porticos across the buildings create new sight lines, increase transparency and open up the area.

- The houses are built in solid, genuine materials that will age beautifully and last a long time. The detailing is consistently high with a quality that is both seen and felt - these are houses that can be approached," says Joachim Lundquist at FOJAB.

Ten new construction projects were nominated for this year's edition of the Allmännyttan's best new construction project competition. The nominated projects were examined based on criteria including sustainability, innovation, architectural design, adaptation to the site and the functionality of the apartments.

"Surprising and skillful transformation of a desolate parking street into a beautiful urban environment. The houses are carefully adapted to the site and the existing buildings but also add a harmonious variation in height and choice of materials. The houses are of high quality with fine details and it is clear that everything is well done. Great care has also been taken with outdoor environments and green roofs. There are also solar cells on the roofs and electric car pools to make it easier to live sustainably. High ambitions for the future management of the area where the property is a digital twin. Communication to tenants is done digitally."

The jury consisted of:
Anna Heide, business development manager at the real estate company Trianon.
Johanna Bocian Östberg, Studio Manager at Okidoki Architects
Kristina Mjörnell, Business and Innovation Area Manager at the research institute Rise.
Pia Lundgren, project area manager at SISAB (Skolfastigheter in Stockholm).
Örjan Wikforss, architect, professor and doctor of technology