Business intelligence strengthens FOJAB - and customers

What will our business look like in ten years? Many companies are asking this question right now. FOJAB is strengthening its external work to prepare itself - and its customers - for a changing time.

FOJAB has developed its strategic work on business intelligence. This is to be able to make well-founded decisions about its own market, business and service development, but also to become an even better support for its customers.

- We want to be able to help our customers solve some of the challenges they are currently facing," says Magdalena Hedman, Marketing Manager at FOJAB and continues:

- We have identified five major trends that are important to address in the future. Some of the trends affect us here and now, while others have a slightly longer-term perspective. The climate and the economic situation are of course included, but also trends related to demographics and public health, digitalization and the opportunities that technological development brings. And then we take a closer look at a trend we call architecture beyond the object, which is about how architecture can contribute solutions to many of the social problems of our time.

The five main trends have in turn been analyzed from four different perspectives: economic, social, environmental and technological. The results are presented on twenty-five different cards.

- The cards are concrete tools to be used internally and together with our customers, as a springboard for further discussion. With the help of the cards, we hope to identify both problems and possible ways forward," says Magdalena Hedman.

The first to take advantage of the business cards were the members of the South Swedish Chamber of Commerce at a network meeting.

- We were all impressed by the presentation, which with clear and easy-to-explain perspectives demonstrates important aspects to relate to in the future. The lecture aroused curiosity and we look forward to having the opportunity to let a wider circle take part in FOJAB's work in a workshop, says Ulrika Dieroff, Head of Business Services, South Swedish Chamber of Commerce.


Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact us:

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