Gjuteriet nominated for the City of Malmö's Green Lance Award

Every year the City of Malmö awards the Green Lance prize for sustainable construction. Gjuteriet is one of three nominated projects and FOJAB is behind both the design and planning. 

Gjuteriet is eco-smart rental housing in Limhamn, owned by the real estate company Vita Örn. The project consists of three buildings around a raised common courtyard, which overlooks a park. Sustainability targets for the project have been high. For example, low energy consumption and the possibility of more car-free living have been important prerequisites. More space for green areas has been created through car parking in the basement, and tenants receive free bus passes and information on bus timetables.

- When, as in this case, entire neighborhoods are developed, it is important to look at the whole picture for people's needs. Here, not only housing has been prioritized, but also mobility in the form of shared car and bicycle pools," says Joakim Feldt, CEO of the real estate company Vita Örn.

The buildings are designed to require minimal maintenance and to age gracefully. When the time comes, all parts can be recycled.

- "Throughout the project, we have worked very closely with our client and now we are all delighted with the attention and nomination for the Green Lance," concludes Mattias Essner, commissioning architect at FOJAB.

Jury statement
"With an interest in technology as a common thread, energy efficiency becomes a competition that everyone can win!". The house's well-insulated construction combined with heat recovery from the air results in a very low energy demand, while individual choices put personal comfort at the center. Sustainable travel is encouraged with a shared pool for both bikes and cars, and fixing your bike is easy in the service room. Stormwater is taken care of both above and below ground and the design of the courtyard invites green meetings between the residents."

About the City of Malmö Green Lance Award
The Green Lance has been awarded since 2001 and rewards environmentally sustainable construction that contributes to a lasting urban environment and a climate-smart lifestyle. When judging, the jury looks at the project's potential for a climate-smart lifestyle, innovation, process and impact and significance for the city. This year's prize will be awarded on Urban Construction Day on September 6.

Facts about the foundry
Location: Gjuteriet 23
Client: Vita Örn
Responsible architect: Mattias Essner, FOJAB
Year of completion: 2019
Type of project: Apartment building with rental apartments and shops on the ground floor.