FOJAB recruits architect Cage Copher for Stockholm office

FOJAB continues its investment in knowledge environments and is now strengthening with architect Cage Copher. Cage, who has long and solid experience, is behind the Skapaskolan in Huddinge, which was nominated for the Building of the Year 2019 and Huddinge municipality's building award 2020.

- There is so much expertise and knowledge at FOJAB that I couldn't refuse. With each interview I became more and more engaged, impressed and inspired. The limitations I felt as a self-employed person have disappeared, and with so many talented architects on the team, it feels like anything is possible," says Cage Copher.

Originally from California, Cage, who has also worked as a set designer, ran the architectural firm Street Monkey Architects in Stockholm for many years. Previous projects include everything from hotels and housing to schools and retirement homes, and SMA was successful in several competitions.

- We are very happy that Cage has chosen to join us. He is an extremely talented architect, a fantastic person with extensive experience of school projects where sustainability has been in focus. Together we will build on the compensation area in Stockholm and create new fine projects, says Jens Larsson, office manager at FOJAB.