FOJAB nominated as best consultant in NCSC Sweden Awards

We are nominated in the category Consultant of the Year 2017 for our work on the design and planning of the central shopping area Hansa in Malmö.

The nomination reads:

"In a tough retail market and with a history in good old commercial areas in Malmö, they have managed to lift a department store to new modern levels.

Good retail space planning and appropriate design allows both new and old concepts to succeed in limited spaces and premises.

Hansa in Malmö has been given a dignified new life thanks to the careful architectural work of Fojab."

In close cooperation with the client AREIM and HEA Property Partner, we have worked to refine both of Hansa's blocks into a modern and attractive commercial area in the center of Malmö. The neighborhood has a mixed-use character where shopping, restaurants and cafes are mixed with offices, schools, medical centers and housing.

- "Let's gild Hansa" was the basis of the design idea - gilding has indeed permeated the entire project. From the facades, which are almost finished, to the gold-colored construction helmets at the workplace. "Thanks to good cooperation and clear goals, we have succeeded very well with the project together with the client," says Per-Aage Nilsson, commissioned architect.