FOJAB main architect for a new residential neighborhood in Kungsholmen, Sweden.

FOJAB has proceeded with the parallel assignment for block 1 in Hornsberg on the western side of Kungsholmen in Stockholm. The task was to design a new residential neighborhood with about 200 apartments. The City of Stockholm and Borätt/Seniorgården, who are the clients, consider that FOJAB's proposal has "such qualities that it should be the main proposal and form the basis for further processing".

The focus of the assignment was on concept, character and design. The block will be the first quarter of a dense neighborhood structure with a green square of Parisian character in the middle. The site, currently the site of SL's bus garage, borders Kristinebergs IP and, on the other side of Nordenflychtsvägen, large-scale buildings of an industrial nature.

- Our proposal is based on the dynamics between the traditional urban structure, with its strong spatiality, and the variation in character and history of the surroundings. The block is surrounded by existing buildings on one side, a park on one side and new buildings on two sides. It adds a new piece to the urban puzzle, which both connects to its context and is perceived as its own whole - different but similar," says Jens Larsson, commissioning architect and head of FOJAB Stockholm.

The client's jury considers the proposal well studied and the design well adapted to the surrounding public spaces of varying scale and character:

"The proposal shows consistently well-studied facades, ground floors with well-processed details and thoughtful material choices. Building facades are deservedly varied towards the different environments/public spaces. Although the design of the facades differs significantly, the design has a harmony and something nostalgic in it, while the design language is modern. "

- We are also keen to maximize the quality of living. Solar radiation and the view of the park and water are utilized. The inner courtyard is designed as a green oasis that contrasts with the urban "Paristorget", says Joachim Lundquist, responsible for housing at FOJAB.

The planning work will start in Q1 2016. FOJAB's proposal is now the basis for the continued work where the block is divided into two parts, and FOJAB and AIX arkitekter will each take care of their own part.