FOJAB in new lounges

FOJAB arkitekter is growing rapidly and at the time of writing has 141 employees. This is particularly noticeable at the Stockholm office. In conjunction with the latest architectural salon, we took the opportunity to inaugurate new, larger premises, just a few floors up at the same address, Sankt Eriksgatan 46. At the sixth Salon in a row, interesting conversations were held about how we best intertwine the city, nature and people - an excellent way to "warm up" the new office.

Architect Anna Belfrage was responsible for the design of the new premises.

- We got the chance to move two floors up to a room twice the size, and now have spacious and airy rooms with the same beautiful arches and supporting iron structure as in the old ones. There is also double-sided light from three-meter-high windows and plenty of room for all the new employees.

The open space has been kept simple with workstations along the facade. There is a large open area for sketching, salons, afterworks and more. The kitchenette is centrally located at the entrance but is colored in dark grey tones so as not to attract too much attention. Only the coffee machine sneaks around the corner and is clearly visible to all visitors.

The main room is complemented by a number of meeting and discussion rooms of different types. From the larger, more cozy one at the entrance to several smaller ones, one of which is intended as a "competition cave" with maximum opportunity to sketch and pin things on the walls. There is also a model-making room and materials library.

- The furniture and interior design palette is consistent with plywood, graphite gray linoleum on the worktops, black chairs and white table stands. Now we're just waiting for sound-absorbing bulletin boards on all available wall space so that our projects can really come out into the light.