FOJAB designs for better cancer care in Kalmar.

The design of the new oncology clinic at Kalmar County Hospital is now underway. FOJAB is designing the new building, renovation and extension, which will contribute to better and more coherent cancer care and more accessible radiation treatment. The outdoor environment is also being designed by FOJAB.

Region Kalmar has agreed to a new building, renovation and extension for oncology and radiotherapy, covering a total of 6300 square meters. The investment amounts to approximately SEK 423 million. The new five-story building contains two new radiation bunkers, rooms for PET-CT, administrative premises and a treatment unit for chemotherapy. FOJAB has prepared the system documents and is now starting the design.

Technology-heavy activities
The technology-heavy operations place special demands on the premises. Radiation guns require meter-thick walls and the PET-CT room where radioactive substances are handled must be separated from other rooms.

- The most important thing is that the logistics work, both horizontally and vertically. The rooms with all their equipment must be well organized - not only individually but also in relation to each other," says Anna Hjort, project manager architect at FOJAB with long experience of working with healthcare buildings.

Welcoming rooms
In addition to being patient-safe and functional, the indoor environment should be comfortable and welcoming. Plenty of daylight and generous views should create calm and provide the opportunity to follow the rhythm of the day and the changing seasons. Colors and materials are also chosen with great care.

- It should be both a good experience for the patient and a good environment for the staff. Functional and beautiful," says Anna Hjort.

Musky greenery
The FOJAB team also includes landscape architects working on the area around the oncology buildings. Malin Ingemarsdotter talks about the design ideas:

- We have worked with John Bauer as inspiration, a bit mysterious and muscular with intense forest-like greenery and rippling water. The three courtyards should be experienced primarily from the inside, and in the evening and at night you can get nice effects through lighting on the walls and in the trees.

The new oncology clinic will be designed in spring 2022 and completed in 2026.