FOJAB designs signature neighborhood in Barkarbystaden.

In the heart of Barkarbystaden, a stylish city block will be built with a grand facade and details inspired by the area's old airplane hangars. FOJAB has designed the winning proposal for Wallenstam after parallel assignments.

Barkarbystaden is emerging as a new regional city center in the metropolitan area. The residential block with premises on the ground floor that FOJAB has designed for Wallenstam is one of the most central. It will be the first to greet travelers from the metro.

- It should feel like coming out of the metro in Paris or the U-bahn in Berlin. You should be greeted by a city," says Jens Larsson, responsible architect at FOJAB.

This feeling has set the tone for one half of the block, which faces the square. Here the building is characterized by an urban character, with representative facades and recessed balconies that provide a pleasant rhythm and contribute to the life and movement of the square.

The high plinth floor contains shops and the residential entrances are influenced by Barkarby Airport in the form of hangar-shaped arches. The shape reappears in the crown, but then upside down.

- In FOJAB's proposal, the plinth, body and crown come out very well, which was also a request from the municipality. The three elevated buildings look good in the neighborhood and adapt nicely to the site," says Julia Jakobsson, project developer at Wallenstam.

The second half of the block is characterized by a small scale with simpler facades in warm plaster colours. The two different design characters are held together by a coherent form that is accentuated in two of the corners and in the middle of the square.

The apartments, both rental and condominium, are efficiently planned with furnishings, views and large balconies.

- A good combination of good design and practicality," says Julia Jakobsson of Wallenstam.

Construction is planned to start in the fall of 2022.