FOJAB designs the new Triangle for NCC

FOJAB arkitekter and NCC now present the illustrations and design of the new Triangle, the heart of Malmö. Shopping, housing, cafes, restaurants, offices and parking are interwoven and will, together with the City Tunnel's Triangle Station, offer Malmö residents an intense urban life.

- "The Triangle project is a complex and very exciting task that we at FOJAB are pleased to have been entrusted to design together with NCC," says Ulf Kadefors, CEO of FOJAB arkitekter.

The project consists of several interacting buildings. At street level is a two-storey shopping mall that connects to the existing Triangle shopping center. Another five floors towards the surrounding streets consist of housing and offices. From this building, facing Rådmansgatan in the west, rises an 18-story residential building. In the interior of the block, there are additional homes and lush gardens at different levels. Car parking is underground.

The completion of the strategically located Triangle block will expand the center of Malmö and actively connect the inner city with southern neighborhoods such as Möllevången and Rådmansvången.

Many people will move daily in the new urban space formed on the south side of the block, where the main entrance to the new mall will also open, opposite the new City Tunnel Triangle station. Along the southern facade, facing the St. John's Church, cafés and restaurants will enliven the streetscape. Rådmansgatan will be the communication route for buses, cyclists and pedestrians.

The material is dominated on the ground floor by a beautiful gray granite, similar to that found in the plinths of the church and many of the surrounding buildings. On the south facade, a rich reddish-brown shield tile adds to the strong material character of the area.

- From an urban planning perspective, there are many challenges. The building must blend in with the surrounding neighborhood's development pattern while becoming a new landmark in the city. It is also important to create as many homes and workplaces as possible in such a central and unique location," says Pontus Tebäck, project manager at FOJAB arkitekter.

188 residential apartments ranging from one to six rooms and kitchens and about 250 workplaces, along with retail and parking, will fill the total of 37,000 square meters, which is expected to be completed in 2014.

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