FOJAB designs new hotel in Södertälje, Sweden

The agreement between Stadsrum Fastigheter and Winn Hotel Group for a new Clarion Hotel in Södertälje is now complete. FOJAB has designed the hotel that will be a vibrant meeting place at Marenplan with an outward-looking content such as hotel, restaurant, entertainment and culture.

The area of the hotel will be approximately 8,600 square meters and will include a lobby & lounge, bars, restaurants, outdoor seating on a terrace facing Marenviken, conference area, co-working, training facility and approximately 200 guest rooms. The hotel is strategically located at the end of the Storgatan shopping street, and is expected to become a natural link between the city, Marenplan and the waterfront.

- It is a very exciting project. Together with Stadsrum Fastigheter, we have developed a strong concept with high quality in both design and choice of materials. The businesses we work with promote a natural flow to a new meeting place in Södertälje. We are convinced that the building can be the missing piece of the puzzle for the center to grow down to the water, says Per Aage Nilsson, responsible architect at FOJAB.

Stadsrum Fastigheter's and Södertälje municipality's joint vision is to create a vibrant meeting place at Marenplan.

The site has two levels, a higher city level and a lower one towards the water and Marenplan. On the city level is an open floor with entrances to the hotel, bar, restaurant, culture, conference and café. On this level, the city can enjoy the view and a natural connection via stairs down to Marenplan where more restaurants are located with nice outdoor seating facing south towards the water. The cultural facilities will have their own design in the building, which will provide visual clarity in the city. The generous Konsthallarna in the cultural premises can become Södertälje's new living room, upstairs from the entrance at city level, with a fine view of the water and the city. The roof of this middle level will have a large terrace with opportunities for outdoor art exhibitions.


About the new hotel in Södertälje
Hotel rooms: about 200
Facilities: Restaurant, bar, outdoor seating, meeting areas, gym and art gallery.
Opening date: fall 2023
Hotel chain: Clarion Hotel®