FOJAB designed Sweden's most modern court

Spacious, bright and impressive. This is how Lund's new district court has been described. As part of "the new Lund" west of the railroad tracks, the district court rises and gives the city a new silhouette. The Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson attended the inauguration and architect Kjell Adamsson from FOJAB gave a speech in which he described his thoughts and ideas when Lund District Court was designed. Since then, he and the other architects involved in the project have had several opportunities to show and tell about the architecture.

- Based on the site's conditions and a local program with high demands on safety, function, environment and quality, we have designed a modern building, which at the same time well connects to Lund's building tradition, says Kjell Adamsson, FOJAB.

The facade of the District Court is made of copper and glass, resting on a high limestone plinth. Based on the needs of the court, several entrances have been distributed throughout the building and there are terraces on the roof for the court's staff. Outside the court, a water mirror reflects the light and there is also a work of art by the artist Meta Isæus-Berlin.

Once inside, visitors are greeted by undulating wooden panels in oiled ash. There are four security zones for the public, prosecutors and jury members, other staff and detainees. The public areas are located on two levels that open up with large glass areas to the park outside.

- It was an honor to be entrusted with the design of Lund District Court. The process has been exciting and we are very proud of the result," concludes Kjell Adamsson, FOJAB.


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