FOJAB contributes to the preservation of important buildings in Sweden

The National Property Board is tasked with preserving and developing Sweden's cultural heritage through the management of 3000 buildings and large areas of land in Sweden. Together, the buildings and land tell the history of our country, and the ambition is to make this history alive and interesting.

To care for and preserve our cultural heritage, the National Property Board appoints house and palace architects. They are dedicated to the task for a long period of time, ensuring long-term continuity.

Architects from FOJAB have been appointed house and castle architects and general consultants for several valuable buildings in Sweden, thus contributing to the important preservation of our common cultural heritage.

Andreas Blomberg, architect SAR/MSA at FOJAB, has been appointed as the house architect and general consultant for Lund University's historic main buildings, all located around the university square. These buildings are important to the city of Lund and central to the university's identity and activities. The buildings are as follows:

University building
Main building and the 'heart' of the university.
Houses a lecture and music hall.
King's House
The first building on the university campus was built at the end of the 16th century.
Historical Museum
The largest archaeological museum in southern Sweden.

The assignment is to help the National Property Board manage, take responsibility for and develop Lund University buildings together with the tenant Lund University during the specific period.

- "As an architect and resident of Lund, this is a very special and exciting assignment. I take over from the excellent work of my predecessors and look forward to continuing to manage and develop these unique buildings for Lund University's future activities," says Andreas Blomberg, architect at FOJAB and now general consultant for the university buildings.

FOJAB has developed expertise in the field of building conservation and has several in-house specialists. For several years, fellow architect Mattias Hedberg Ek has been general consultant and castle architect for Bäckaskog Castle and King's House and house architect for the Residence in Kristianstad.

At Bäckaskog Castle, several maintenance and renovation works have been carried out, mainly linked to the hotel operations. In the coming year, measures are planned in the park and garden environments, including the planting of trees to recreate a previous row of trees.

The house architect's work at Residenset in Kristianstad has mainly focused on redesigning the interior of the residence, adapting it for accessibility and restoring the facades of the main building. An adaptation of the garden is planned as well as a rejuvenation of the plant and tree population.

- There is currently a discussion and debate in which opinions are sometimes expressed that the architectural profession only draws cost-effective boxes. As an architect, being part of the preservation of Sweden's unique cultural heritage testifies to the opposite," concludes Mattias Hedberg Ek.


For further information:
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Mattias Hedberg Ek
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