FOJAB arkitekter wins land allocation competition in Pålsjö together with Åstorps Byggnads AB.

Small-scale and beautiful housing with a focus on greenery and good quality of life. FOJAB is designing housing on the Mässhaken 1 site in Pålsjö, Helsingborg, together with Åstorps Byggnads AB after winning an announced land allocation competition.

The plan area is located between two beautiful green areas about three kilometers north of Helsingborg city center with proximity to Mariastaden, Pålsjö forest and Pålsjö cemetery.

The proposal is based on the lush green area where the attractive view and evening light in the west has been a focus in the design. The goal has been to create small-scale housing with good qualities that offer both private and communal patios.

- We believe in a small scale with a good quality of life where the residents feel a strong sense of neighborliness and community, but still have the opportunity to retreat to their private zone. Here we have captured key words in the city's quality of life program that we have worked into our proposal," says Rebecca Saaby Mehlum, responsible architect.

The residential building is a white plastered stone house with a total of 12 condominiums, including 4 ground floor apartments and 8 townhouses on 2.5 levels. The white plaster creates a calm base where green gardens and wooden bars surround the building, thus linking it to the surrounding green areas. Towards the street, a common garden is built for the residents, which creates a pleasant green reception on arrival.

- A community garden creates a strong sense of belonging to the neighborhood and a meeting place where people can play and socialize. Here we want to encourage initiatives and activities by working with simple elements such as a place to set a long table, a fire pit, grow boxes, and a lawn for kubbing," concludes Rebecca.

The FOJAB working group consists of Rebecca Saaby Mehlum, Staffan Premmert and Jennie Tyrberg.