FOJAB arkitekter designs new office building as Malmö city center expands

FOJAB arkitekter has, on behalf of Jernhusen, designed a new office building called Foajén. It is located in Södra Nyhamnen in Malmö, an area that is undergoing an exciting development. The name Foajén reflects a common entrance space that extends up through the interior of the building, and becomes a link between the station area and the green roof terraces, which offer views of the whole of Malmö. This is also the foyer to the outside world. Just a stone's throw away there are excellent connections to the entire Öresund region and the rest of the country.

Foajén is an early cornerstone in Jernhusen's ambition to build an urban and sustainable district, which grows together with Malmö Central, and constitutes a new living center. With its location just north of Centralen, Foajén will be a new entrance to Carlsgatan and the entire station area.

The interior of the building is designed as a welcoming living room and an open meeting place. A generous staircase leads to the companies' office workplaces. The offices can be tailored to the tenants' needs. There is the possibility of individual offices or activity-based office solutions with a variety of sizes and types of rooms.

The different floors, and the wide staircases between them, contain open spaces for spontaneous meetings. On the roof, there is a shared rooftop park, while the top offices each have a lush terrace with grass, trees and foliage.

- The foyer is a building that provides strong inner experiences. It is an environment that works socially with meetings and dialog, but also when you need silence and peace," says Charlotte Kristensson, project manager at FOJAB arkitekter.

The 14,000 square meter building is environmentally classified as BREEAM Outstanding. The Foyer is expected to be ready for occupation in summer 2018.

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