FOJAB arkitekter designs new district court in central Lund, Sweden

FOJAB arkitekter has been commissioned to design a new building for the district court in Lund. After a parallel design assignment, Specialfastigheter has now chosen to proceed with FOJAB arkitekter for the design of the new court building. The task was to design a new government building with the aim of creating Sweden's most modern court. The new district court is the next step in the growth of central Lund just west of the railroad tracks. The building is scheduled for completion at the end of 2017.

The client Specialfastigheter highlights the proposal's ability to combine a complex program and the municipality's urban development ambitions with a strong architectural design approach:

"A very beautiful building with a strong identity. The well-balanced approach to the site's various urban spaces contributes to strengthening the ongoing densification around Lund Central Station. The design and expression clarifies its function as a government building and connects well with the adjacent municipal building. A clear order in the layout and flows ensures that the building will meet high official requirements."

FOJAB arkitekter has long worked on various district court buildings for the Swedish National Courts Administration and therefore has experience of the special functional requirements associated with this type of project. This, combined with a strong commitment to Lund's urban development, has paved the way for a high quality proposal.

- Based on the site's conditions and a local program with high demands on safety, function, environment and quality, we have designed a modern building, which at the same time well connects to Lund's building tradition, says Kjell Adamsson, responsible architect and studio manager at FOJAB arkitekter.

The team at FOJAB arkitekter, which developed the proposal, consists of Kjell Adamsson, Stefan Johansson and Mikael Pettersson. The design is based on three fundamentals - the place, the people and the form.

A safe and beautiful place

The current site is located between the railway tracks and Bjerredsparken, which runs parallel in a north-south direction, in central Lund. The existing building blocks to the north of the site open up to the park. The new district court fits into this structure, inviting the light and greenery of the park, while giving the park a steady end to the railroad.

The function of a district court involves separate flows of people, and thus several different entrances. These are oriented around the entire building, creating life and movement in the surrounding urban spaces. The public areas are gathered in an extended room on two levels that opens with large glass surfaces towards the park. The copper sheet, glass and natural stone of the exterior interact with the interior environment where ash wood panels provide a warm and comfortable experience.

- "There is a challenging contrast in the company's desire to be a public function in the city on the one hand, and to meet people's need for privacy on the other," says Mikael Pettersson, architect at FOJAB arkitekter. This is reflected in the design. "We want to create a safe and relaxing environment for people who find themselves in a situation that may be difficult and stressful.

The building in urban space

Facing the railway and the old city center to the east, the building rises to its full height. It fits into the context of the new Kristallen municipal building and provides the urban qualities of a public institution in the city.

To the south, towards the new travel square, the building descends to two high floors, which are open to the public while retaining their public character. Here, on the south-west facing roof, there is a terrace for the Court's staff.

To the west, a four-story volume embraces the park space, interacting with the adjacent Kristallen municipal building. The west facade opens up to the green park space with large glass sections, exposing the interior of the building. The relationship between glass and dense sections is well balanced to manage views, daylight and the high environmental ambitions.

The inauguration of the new district court will take place in August 2018.

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