FOJAB arkitekter and ICA win the competition for the future city district of Brunnshögs centrum.

FOJAB arkitekter, together with ICA Fastigheter, is the winner of the land allocation competition in Brunnshög. The assignment was to design a centrally located shopping district with a large grocery store combined with housing and services. The project will be the focal point for the 40,000 people who will live or work in the new district that is emerging in northeast Lund.

The jury highlights the winning proposal's strong architectural design and good sustainability solutions, both environmentally and socially. From the jury's motivation:

"The proposal is very thorough and interacts well with the intended surroundings. It is a clear and robust city block with strong inner city qualities where the grocery store on the ground floor is used as a resource to enhance the residential qualities. " "The competition proposal is a traditional district in a new guise, which is clear, elegant and very well designed. The jury also considers it very feasible."

The task was to create the mixed-use quarter of the future in Lund's new Brunnshög district, which will be adjacent to the MAX IV and ESS research facilities. Pontus Tebäck, the lead architect at FOJAB arkitekter, highlights some of the points that have guided the work on the proposal:

  • The good earth
  • Grocery store with a market hall feel
  • A multifunctional neighborhood
  • Ecological, social and economic sustainability

The proposal contains a mix of functions with a large grocery store with a market hall character, post office, games, pharmacy and deli with outdoor seating. There is also a restaurant, optician, hairdresser, bicycle workshop, gym, premises for dentists, physiotherapists and vaccination. There is also an LSS home, a large number of rental apartments of various sizes and condominiums in the form of three-storey townhouses.

The ambition is for everything growing in the large courtyard to be edible, as well as in the generously sized greenhouse/saloon hall in the grocery store. The idea is also to grow everything in the soil that currently exists on the site.

- "We envision a building, a block, that will be an obvious gathering point in the heart of Lund's future city district Brunnshög. The ground floor of the building will be a continuation of the district's new square just north of the competition block," says Pontus Tebäck. The architecture will be characterful and strong in form, with great variation in expression within a coherent palette of qualitative materials such as brick, corten steel and greenery on facades, courtyards and roofs.

The competition proposal will now form the basis for a new detailed plan for the property. If this work proceeds as planned, construction of the block will start in 2017 at the earliest and be completed in 2019-2020.