Trummens strand in Växjö - wooden house with the best possible view

The Trummens strand block, also known as Geologen, is located on the isthmus between Trummen and Växjösjön and is built entirely in wood. It has now been nominated for both the Wooden Building Award and the Building Award in Växjö. Both prizes will be awarded on October 24. 

In line with Växjö's strategic focus on building wooden houses, the houses at Trummens strand have been built entirely in wood. The buildings have a frame of solid wood, the facades are clad with wooden panels and inside the apartments there are visible wooden structures and carpentry.

The solid wood frames provide environmental benefits as wood is both a natural and renewable material. For residents, one of the benefits is that solid wood has a density that keeps the indoor temperature stable, provides a healthier indoor climate and good sound insulation.

- Wood is a good natural material and we have chosen to clearly highlight it in both the exterior and interior,
says Stefan Johansson, chief architect and creative director at FOJAB.

Each apartment has been designed to maximize sea views. To achieve this, FOJABcode, an area of expertise in computational design, has developed the so-called View Machine. The View Machine analyzes and displays how much view each apartment has and at the same time provides a grading of the quality of the view.

- It has been a rewarding process in the creation of Trummens strand and we are both proud and happy that it has now been nominated for two fine building awards," concludes Stefan Johansson.

About the beach of Trummen:
The block consists of three buildings with condominiums, a two-storey preschool with lake views, a community room and student apartments with separate entrances directly from the street, which provides a vibrant street life.

Client: GBJ Bygg AB
Location: Teleborg, Växjö
Size: 22 200 m², 144 apartments

About the Wooden Building Award in Växjö:
In order to strengthen the municipality's timber construction strategy and manifest Växjö as a leader in timber construction, Växjö municipality awards an annual timber construction prize. The other nominees are Arkitektbolaget and the research project "Höga hus i trä".

Jury statement
A typical example of the benefits of wood construction. Aesthetically pleasing architecture combined with environmental considerations in a package that exudes good urban planning and sustainability. A landmark along Trummen's beach that will delight both passers-by and residents for many years to come.

About the Building Award in Växjö: 
Every year since 1990, the building committee awards a building prize for a project with good architecture and adaptation to the site. Other nominees for the 2019 award are Stora Vallen and ICON Växjö.

Jury statement (in brief)
A secure design language with characterful and creative broken angles. Geologen has strong qualities in both material and form. Cedar shavings in the facade, a beautiful level of detail and simplicity. The project is a natural part of the wooden city of Växjö and also has an urban character in several dimensions that Växjö has lacked.


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