Different models for a good city

For the 8th time, the Stockholm Office organized the Architecture Salon, this time with the theme "Different models for a good city".

Since the office started in Stockholm, architectural salons have been organized. The aim of the salon is to create a forum that can promote good architecture, inspire stakeholders and generate discussion and debate on various issues.

The Stockholm office's eighth Architecture Salon debated "different models for a good city". The salon was opened by architect Robert Lavelid who described how modern Paris was built during Haussmann's period in the second half of the 19th century. This evidence-based art of urban design then became an inspiration for the panel discussion.

Lars Marcus, Professor of Urban Planning at Chalmers University of Technology, said that the university also works with facts and evidence as a basis for urban planning. This is also the case in the City of Gothenburg, which was highlighted when Agneta Ericson Hammer, Director of Urban Planning, presented how Gothenburg works with these issues. Johanna Wiklander, city architect in Linköping, emphasized the importance of working with architecture and form as well. There was then an intense, interesting discussion and, as always, the audience was invited into the conversation.

The conclusion was that it is difficult to find a model that can apply everywhere, but that many facts can still form the basis for building cities and neighborhoods.