Dark Light Poetry - how little is enough?

Light installations at Övedskloster on November 4-5 at 18-21 / 17-21. Put the noise of the day aside and join us on a walk, where your thoughts and feelings can take place. Where you find the light in the darkness. Where the fragile does not break. Where time stands still even though the clock is running. In Dark Light Poetry we want to explore the beauty of the quiet.

Architect Viveca Rosencrantz, FOJABlab, together with a group of artists, designers and lighting contractors have created an event that raises the question of sustainable light - how little is enough?

The human eye is amazing. On a moonlit night, you can find your way with only a tenth of a lux. But you can still see in the bright light of the sun, which is 100 000 lux. Where the light is balanced and does not dazzle, we see each other.

Plants, animals and humans depend on the cyclical rhythm of light and darkness to maintain vital functions such as reproduction, nutrition and sleep. When it is never dark, our natural circadian rhythm is disrupted and we get sick.

New technologies and huge investments have given us energy-efficient light sources, but we are illuminating more than ever. Many people in urban environments never see the starry sky. But the most sustainable lamp is the one that never had to be made.

This is called the Rebound Effect, when the expected benefits of technological developments to improve resource efficiency are reduced or eliminated because we change our behavior. Is a sustainable lifestyle just a duty and a limitation of our freedom? Or is there a quality of life, an aesthetic in abstaining, in reducing, in keeping up, in having enough? In creating space for reflection, contemplation and meetings.

Welcome to Dark Light Poetry which asks you the question - How little is enough?

Dark Light Poetry is organized by Sydljus in collaboration with Övedskloster and is part of the event Österlen Lyser. Current info and map can be found on the Facebook page Dark Light Poetry.