Cultural centers in China - where East meets West

In the middle of the bustling city of Kunming, in southern China, there is a meeting place between East and West. Since 2000, TCG Nordica, a Scandinavian-Chinese cultural center with the goal of creating an opportunity for experiences and reflection on life, art and people. The activity has attracted attention both nationally and in Scandinavia and is regarded as a model and innovator of cultural life in China.

TCG Nordica hosts art exhibitions, dance, lectures, study circles, film nights, and concerts of all genres. A large part of the activity is education and cultural exchange. It runs a folk high school course for Swedish students, and dance courses in both contemporary and traditional Chinese dance. There are also active exchanges between Swedish and Chinese artists both in Kunming and through visits to Scandinavia. The work is based on the vision to "stimulate reflection on the value of the human being expressed in different art forms". It welcomes all art forms and people from different contexts and backgrounds who want to meet in dialog and exchange through creative expression. TCG Nordica has quickly become one of Kunming's premier galleries and a popular meeting place for the city's residents. TCG Nordica's former General Manager Wu Yue Rong was recently awarded the Royal Order of the North Star for this work.

TCG Nordica is now facing a move from its existing premises. In connection with the move, FOJAB arkitekter has been entrusted with developing a concept proposal. This includes the floor plan, materials, surfaces, furnishings and basic technical solutions for the new premises in a completely new area.

The design will be characterized by Nordic materials and simplicity, inviting multi-use of the space. All floors, not just the stage floor, in the public areas will be adapted for dance and all walls for hanging art. The space will be changeable and welcoming, encouraging repeat visits. The premises will also house a bakery with a large café for visitors.

The aim of the project is for the architecture to contribute to TCG Nordica's further development and continue building the brand. The architecture can help consolidate their good reputation and position them more strongly in the market. The move means that TCG Nordica's operations will be more accessible, visible and placed in a larger context. For example, it creates opportunities to offer Scandinavian companies to bring their customers there and show the exchange between Chinese and Scandinavian culture.

"Through its architecture, TCG Nordica could broaden the cultural encounter and provide Chinese and Swedish companies with a meeting place in a cultural and inspiring environment."
- Viveca Rosencrantz, responsible architect