Well-attended architecture salons in both Malmö and Stockholm

During the spring, we organized two well-attended architecture salons in Malmö and Stockholm. In Malmö, there were interesting discussions about Virtual Reality where visitors took the opportunity to look into the future and deepen their knowledge. At the Stockholm office's seventh architecture salon, 'The beauty of the city' was debated. This is an urgent issue in a time of intensive construction and many large-scale projects.

FOJAB arkitekter's Malmö office organized architecture salon #2. on the theme Virtual Reality - experiences and visions. Some fifty visitors took the opportunity to explore the future and deepen their knowledge of VR. There was mingling and food followed by an illuminating and interesting panel debate. There were also test stations where visitors could visually step in and experience ongoing projects.

Petra Jenning, architect and responsible for FOJABcode moderated between exciting contributions from Mats Eliasson, CEO of One Reality, Ulrika Hallengren, Head of Development at Wihlborgs, Per Sikö, Studio Lead at Jayway and Mimmi Tegnér, Business Developer at Science Center Malmö Museer.

The panel agreed on the importance and possibilities of VR for architects and the construction industry. Partly in the visualization work but also to streamline work processes, develop future construction projects and technical solutions. The democratic process was highlighted and the opportunities provided in the form of an increased understanding of the final product.

- As architects, we work to create information and understanding. Being able to have a spatial and real experience of the building before it is actually built is a fantastic opportunity," said Petra Jenning.

At the Stockholm office's seventh Architecture Salon debated 'The beauty of the city'. A pressing issue at a time of intensive construction and many large-scale projects, the engagement of both the invited speakers and the audience was unmistakable. During a few intense hours, the issue was highlighted through introductory speeches and in a subsequent debate, led by FOJAB arkitekter's Robert Lavelid.

First up was Torleif Falk, newly appointed City Architect of Stockholm, who emphasized that the city has been full of unbridled life since the time of Gustav Vasa and that the success factor lies in balancing sustainability, function and beauty.

Tatjana Joksimović, Head of Planning at the County Administrative Board, highlighted cultural heritage as intimately linked to sustainability development and emphasized the County Administrative Board's desire to provide advice and guidance at an early stage. Anna Nyberg, Vasakronan's Head of Real Estate Development in Stockholm, also saw the cooperation between real estate developers, the City of Stockholm, the County Administrative Board and the Beauty Council as valuable in achieving a mixed and safe city with life and movement.

- The Beauty Council is unique in its independence as a municipal body, said its secretary and head of office Henrik Nerlund, describing its mission as advisory, reactive, initiating and educative.

- Plan community buildings first and not last, he told the Salon.

Jesper Wallin, CEO of Byggnadsfirman Erik Wallin, highlighted the need to stick to the core values throughout the project:

- Together, we need to stay focused on the purpose of the project - this is where architects have an important role in finding the balance in the process.