Chat with Rebecca Saaby Mehlum, Head of FOJAB Helsingborg.

What's going on right now? Here Rebecca Saaby Mehlum talks about exciting projects, developments in Helsingborg and her thoughts on FOJAB Helsingborg.

Hi Rebecca! You are responsible for FOJAB Helsingborg, tell us about your office!
We are a rather small office, currently 12 people with a good local presence in Helsingborg but also with assignments all over Skåne and a bit up along the Halland coast. The office has an ideal mix of staff with both older experienced and younger architects and engineers. We have a broad competence and work with many different types of projects. With our expertise and all of FOJAB's resources, we create a strong offer to the market. We have been around for four years and are located on Drottninggatan, in the center of Helsingborg.

What is going on right now?
A lot is happening in Helsingborg and we are involved in developing everything from housing to retail and office buildings. Among other things, the city is working hard to improve the area south of the city park. There, together with Jefast, we are developing the former Söderpunkten mall into a natural central point for Söder. As an extra spice, we are complementing the block with a 20-storey apartment building opposite the new hotel. The proximity to everything that happens in the H+ area is exciting and the entire south area is in a dynamic development process for the benefit of all citizens of Helsinki.

Other assignments in Helsingborg we have on the drawing board are a new office building at Drottninghög, conversion of Helsingborg's sewage treatment plant for NSVA and new housing in Pålsjö. Elsewhere, we are currently designing housing in Kävlinge and Borstahusen. In Falkenberg, we are involved in two major projects: the new cultural and educational center at the high school and the redevelopment of the mall opposite, supplemented by about 100 new homes.

We also work with animal health care through an extensive assignment for Evidensia with efforts in various places throughout Sweden, the largest right now is a major rebuilding and extension of the animal hospital in Malmö.

Tell us about a project you are proud of!
A fun project that I have been working on since 2014 is the new football stadium in Kristianstad - which was actually inaugurated a few weekends ago! It is an example of a very good collaborative project where we have worked together with Kristianstad municipality and NCC. We have had a good dialog and a common thread throughout the design process and the users are very satisfied.

How do you hope the Office will develop?
As architects, we can and want to contribute to the city's development and take responsibility for creating sustainable, stylish and exciting architecture in the region. FOJAB has become a strong player in the city. With our different competencies and broad experience, we can handle small and simple, as well as large and complex projects.


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