Cecilia Jarlöv wins award for unique pedestrian and cycling tunnel in Uppsala

Cecilia Jarlöv, landscape architect at FOJAB arkitekter, has won the UNT (Upsala Nya Tidning) Urban Environment Prize in Uppsala. The prize was awarded for the design of the new pedestrian and bicycle tunnel under Fyrislundsgatan in Uppsala. Cecilia shares the prize with the entire project team that contributed to the tunnel's unique design.

Cecilia Jarlöv was responsible for the design of the tunnel during her previous employment at Tema. The bright and generous tunnel, which is 33 meters long and 10 meters wide, has glass walls that are decorated with the artist Fideli Sundqvist's work "Pappersresan". The work consists of cut paper art that has been photographed. The photos are mounted behind the glass and illuminated from behind. This creates a special experience, especially in the evening when the colorful artworks stand out in the darkness. Halfway through the tunnel, a lantern lets in daylight and the lighting, in addition to the light behind the glass wall, is designed to enhance the experience of daylight.

- I am constantly working to bring art and artists into the public space. It enriches in a way that few other interventions can. At the same time, it's not always easy, as public spaces are often prioritized. Winning UNT's Urban Environment Prize is a recognition that it is worth taking care of places like this, a pedestrian and bicycle tunnel on the periphery of the city center, which is often treated poorly. I am extremely proud of the award, which I share with a fantastic project team," says Cecilia Jarlöv, landscape architect and award winner.

The other project group consists of Fideli Sundqvist, artist, Anna Ehn, project manager from the cultural administration, Sven-Erik Asp, project manager at the city planning office and photographer Magnus Cramer. The Urban Environment Prize was awarded at a ceremony in Uppsala on October 17.

"This year's urban environment award goes to an innovative tunnel connection under Fyrislundsgatan, which not only practically connects the eastern parts of the city with the center of Uppsala, but also creates security and spreads joy through well-sized dimensions, generous light, pleasant architecture and playful artistic design. The prize also demonstrates that investment in a good urban environment is also important outside Uppsala's city center."