BSK + FOJAB collaborate on Helsingborgs Lasarett.

Together with FOJAB architects, BSK Arkitekter is responsible for the major transformation of Helsingborg Lasert's large main building. The assignment is a result of BSK's and FOJAB's agreement on collaboration in the healthcare building market in southern Sweden. FOJAB arkitekter is now in the running to win the competition for Science Village Scandinavia in Lund. They have also been recognized for the City Hall in Kristianstad, which recently won the Building of the Year 2015 award. BSK Arkitekter has invested successfully in competitions for healthcare buildings. Assignments include the new forensic psychiatric facility in Trelleborg, and they are also competing with a Danish team for the new psychiatric center in Bispebjerg outside Copenhagen.

It is a great responsibility and very inspiring to rebuild such an important and well-known building in Helsingborg. Conversion with operations in operation is one of the most complex things you can take on," says Anna Hjort, commissioned architect at FOJAB arkitekter.

Billions of dollars are now being invested in the renewal of healthcare buildings in the region. Over the next 10 years, Helsingborg's Lasarett alone will undergo a total refurbishment worth an estimated 4.5 billion. The hospitals in Lund and Malmö are also facing extensive renovation processes. Regional Services is the client.

BSK and FOJAB are now working on the design of the eastern wing of Helsingborg Hospital. This is the first step in a major transformation of the entire main block of the hospital with its characteristic cross shape.

In addition to the internal functions, the facades will also be redesigned. Work on additional wings is planned, and low-level areas will also be rebuilt for surgery, imaging and outpatient services.

Our concept of success is that we have a long experience of large, complex projects, combined with the fact that we know how to build well-functioning workplaces and create healing environments. This is the reason why Region Skåne has entrusted us with developing the healthcare of the future," says Anna Bergström, Vice President of BSK Arkitekter.

Helsingborgs Lasarett will be rebuilt to meet future requirements for modern care units and treatment methods. One challenge is to create a general and flexible structure that can be converted to function in different ways over a long period of time.

Both BSK Arkitekter and FOJAB arkitekter have long experience of large and complex projects. After the work on Helsingborg's hospital, which is not expected to be fully completed until 2022, they can add another to their list of meritorious assignments.

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