Attractive and controversial city plot becomes new hub in Malmö

"We are designing Malmö's new main entrance - in the middle of the city!" This is how Pontus Tebäck at FOJAB arkitekter describes the project at the City Tunnel's Triangle Station that he and his colleagues are tackling. The office has been commissioned to design the 58,000 square meter building in the Kaninen block.

What will greet the traveler above ground in 2013 is a new site with outdoor seating in front of a 12,000 square meter shopping center, 6,000 square meters of office space, 160 homes and 400 underground parking spaces.

Per Aage Nilsson, who is responsible for the design, said:
- It is a large project with a high degree of complexity. Excavation will now begin after the holidays, followed by an intensive period of finalizing the design work in parallel with construction. The retail elements build on the natural movement through the block, linking the new station site in the south with the Triangle and the pedestrian zone in the north.

The centrally located Kaninen neighborhood has been the subject of debate and varying plans over the years. Everything from the 70's plans for Musikens hus and later Stadsbibliotek to what was actually built in the 80's - the hotel skyscraper and the Triangle shopping center. With NCC as developer and FOJAB as architect, the block is now completed as a strategic new hub in Malmö. Presentation pictures and in-depth information will be released in October.