Aromalund - central Lund gets a new neighborhood

At King Oskar's Bridge, a few hundred meters north of Lund C, we are designing two residential blocks and an office building for the property development company Sjöson. The blocks are given a strong character, great variation in expression and high quality materials.

Aromalund will be an attractive and urban neighborhood with a focus on a sustainable lifestyle and people at the center. The site where the neighborhood is emerging has historically been part of northern Lund's plantations and apple orchards. The history of the site together with the Aroma apple, Skåne's landscape apple, is the basis for the name Aromalund.

The development consists of an office block in the southern part and two residential blocks with green courtyards and a common square. The residential buildings consist of 165 homes in ten different buildings oriented around raised courtyards. FOJAB's ambition is to give the neighborhoods great variation in expression with facade materials consisting of brick and light-colored plaster.

- The idea has been to create a variety of selected characters - classic, minimalist, earthy and innovative. The different characters will reflect everything from facade design to floor plan. The residential courtyards will also draw inspiration from the different characters, which will contribute to a great variety in the courtyard environment," says Joachim Lundqvist, commissioned architect for the residential block.

A solitaire in the middle of Aromalund
The office block consists of a character building made up of several interacting volumes. The building height is varied to meet both the higher existing buildings adjacent to Kung Oskars bro and the adjacent lower housing in the east. At Kung Oskars väg in the southeast there is a welcoming entrance square and the main entrance to the office. The entrance square is connected by an atrium which is the communicative node of the office section, with a walk around the atrium encouraging spontaneous and planned meetings. The office floors can be subdivided for different actors, with views and interaction with the atrium setting the tone. Up on the roof there is a penthouse with unobstructed views of Lund, as well as terrace areas and green roofs.

With an interesting play of volumes in different heights and indentations and a homogeneous facade material, a solitaire is created in the middle of the new neighborhood.

Joachim Lundquist is the architect responsible for the residential block, while Kjell Adamsson is responsible for the office building. The project team also includes architects Karin Andersson, Mattias Åström, Andreas Jentsch, Haydar Alward and Emma Carlbom, project manager.


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