A green sports oasis is emerging

Kristianstad residents now have a more active lifestyle within reach. With construction starting already this fall, Idrottsområde Söder is emerging in connection with Kristianstad Arena. The plan is to kick the first ball in March 2018.

FOJAB arkitekter has done the concept work for the entire area and is now proceeding with construction documents. The new football stadium, with 1200 seats, meets the requirements for football and American football at elite level. There will also be changing rooms, kiosks and a VIP restaurant, new and upgraded training pitches, an upgraded athletics facility and new tennis courts.

Kristianstad Arena was completed in 2010, but the sports ground as a whole was old and worn. South of this was a run-down industrial area. Now that this area has been demolished and included in the plan, there is a nice connection to Björket - a lovely green area with running trails.

The football stand is the main building in the project. It will have a heavy base in raw concrete on the ground floor, with rooms for players and officials. Levels two and three contrast with a light character and are intended for the audience.

Architect Rebecca Saaby Mehlum is responsible for the design.

This will be a fantastic green oasis for sports and recreation. Through an area analysis, we have drawn up lines and paths that create an infrastructure and lead both spectators, players and ordinary exercisers in the right direction. At FOJAB arkitekter, we have both the competence and the desire to work on the entire scale, from the overall level to the design of the individual parts. We often have the confidence of our clients, and this creates a special quality in the projects, which is experienced when they are put into use and meet everyday life in the city.

The FOJAB arkitekter architectural team includes Rebecca Saaby Mehlum, Viveka Nordh and Staffan Premmert.
The project is a turnkey contract with partnering, where the client Kristianstad Municipality, the contractor NCC, users and the operating organization contribute with their experience and help design the project.