It is important that our employees and our operations feel good. Problems and serious issues therefore need to come to light so that we as an organization can act.

Many situations can be resolved by talking to each other as they arise. Sometimes things can happen that require a completely different approach. This is why we offer a whistleblowing channel. But also because the law requires it.

Trumpet is an externally managed whistleblowing service. It allows you to anonymously, securely and confidentially report misconduct that is received by independent officers. To access the Trumpet whistleblowing function, click on the button below or access the following URL from any device:  FOJAB.trumpet-whistleblowing.eu

Trumpet provides clear guidance throughout the process. You can also read more specifically about whistleblowing and how the law protects you as a reporter. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Read more about Trumpet here.