Nya Hovås

Nya Hovås

Nya Hovås

Winning proposal in parallel assignment. FOJAB continues to design 250 rental apartments on Uggleberget in Nya Hovås, Gothenburg. The building consists of a number of point houses and lamellar houses standing freely on a forest slope and oriented around a hill. The starting point for the project has been to let nature prevail in the area.

The ambition has been to create a unique residence with a strong character, where the built environment interacts with nature. A place that, like nature, expresses both irregularity and harmony. Three house types have been developed, all variations on the point house and lamella house. Irregularity and harmony have been key words in the design of the houses, which interact nicely with the forest.

A consistent idea is to be able to move along the outer wall and be in constant contact with the forest. The division of the building volumes and the staggering of the apartments means that all homes have views in at least two directions, sometimes four. The free placement of the balconies in the facade increases the light into the different apartments.

Patios are available for all the residential buildings, in different sizes and facing different directions. All houses have a common roof terrace with its own greenhouse, a part of the qualities of the villa transferred to the apartment building. This is something that can be unique to the area and a focal point for the tenants.

The buildings are clad in pointed slate, reminiscent of pine cone patterns. Three different types of slate have been used for a discreet variation: black, green-black and green. The choice of colors and materials follows the nature of the site. The materials used are mainly slate, weathered wood panels, sheet metal and brass-toned wrought iron.

The roofscape of the houses is extensive. There are three small houses on the roof, one of which is shared by the residents. The roof is a place to spend time, where the view is wide and there is a terrace and a greenhouse where people can meet. The coloring of the ground and plant material follows the nature of the place, different tones of green, gray, purple and ochre.


Facts and figures

Project name
Nya Hovås



25 000 m²

Completed, 2019

Contact person
Joachim Lundquist
+46 705 - 90 24 18

Project team

Anna Nilson
Architect SAR/MSA

Frida Duveholt
Structural engineer

Joachim Lundquist
Architect SAR/MSA, Head of Architecture

Mathias Åström
Architect SAR/MSA

Mikael Pettersson