Kävlinge kommunhus

Kävlinge kommunhus

Kävlinge kommunhus

The new face of Kävlinge municipality is a unique building that generously opens up and invites you in. Everyone should feel welcome here, in accordance with the municipality's slogan, and FOJAB is responsible for both architecture and interior design.

Kävlinge's new town hall is strategically located right next to the railway station in the new district of Stationsstaden. It brings together most of the municipality's administrations under one roof and also houses the city library, the municipal council hall, wedding rooms and meeting rooms of various sizes. The municipal building should be an inviting meeting place for everyone, which is reflected in the architecture.

On the ground floor is the bright and open library with areas for children and young people as well as adults. Here you'll find everything from a story cave and research room to a newspaper corner, and the large glass section provides visitors with excellent contact with the shopping street outside. On the top floor of four, there are generously sized coffee and meeting areas, and on the roof a spacious terrace with magnificent views. The municipality's large council chamber is also located here - an airy room with built-in flexibility for both small and large meetings. The room can be divided into two or opened up completely to accommodate a large number of participants.

The middle levels contain workplaces for the municipality's employees. The starting point has been that the design should meet a future way of working with efficient and attractive office spaces.

In the exterior design of the building, FOJAB has drawn inspiration from Kävlinge's long tradition of industrial and symbolic buildings. Robust, solid brick volumes with well-crafted details. The façade of the municipal building consists of red brick, zinc sheet and generous glass sections. On the long sides of the building, the facade is pleated, which provides an interesting play of shadows, and towards the shopping street it is cut with a lower section that scales down and lets in the light.

Inside, a sober material palette of stone, wood and textiles is used throughout. The color scheme is taken from the colors of nature around Kävlinge - the sea, the river Kävlingeån, the open landscape - and creates a calm atmosphere.

Kävlinge's new municipal building is certified with Miljöbyggnad Gold.

Facts and figures

Project name
Kävlinge kommunhus

KKL, Kävlinge kommunala Lokalbolag


6 000 m²

Completed in 2023

Contact person
Charlotte Kristensson
+46 727 - 18 88 44

Project team

Project architect
Charlotte Kristensson
Architect SAR/MSA

Kristina Kember
Architect SAR/MSA

Lisa Mannheimer
Architect SIR/MSA

Mikael Pettersson
Architect SAR/MSA

Åsa Jönsson
Architect SIR/MSA