The block is located at the crossroads between the dense inner city block structure and the sparse institutional and residential buildings, which has characterized the design of the block. The building consists of five buildings, each with its own identity, to reflect the context of an urban structure that has developed over a long period of time. The corner in the southwest is accentuated with both the height of the building and the public entrance and activities on the ground floors, while the eastern building body stands with its gable towards Brunnsgatan and extends into the park.

The buildings consist of simple, buildable volumes of 3-6 floors based on the neat brick architecture of the area. Each building volume will have its own individual design with brick color and joint, roof shape, balcony and window design to counteract repetition and instead achieve clarity and a site-specific variation. The separate building bodies provide good opportunities for a phased implementation.

All apartments have balconies or generous terraces in good directions, clearly separated from the public space. The apartments are compact without sacrificing well-proportioned rooms, good lighting conditions and functional dimensions. Throughout the project there is a variation in both apartment sizes and variants of a particular apartment type. The advantages of repetition in the production phase are weighed against the individual wishes of the tenant.

In addition to apartment buildings, the block contains a nursing and care home integrated into one of the residential buildings, premises for LKF and a meeting point for seniors in the corner of the ground floor facing the city.

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Five residential buildings, 125 apartments of which 10 are in nursing and care homes.

Completed, 2019

Contact person
Joachim Lundquist
+46 705 - 90 24 18

Project team

Joachim Lundquist
Architect SAR/MSA, Head of Architecture

Ida Stavenow
Architect SAR/MSA, Studio manager

Mats Norrlid
Architect SAR/MSA

Felix Gerlach