BRIO huvudkontor

BRIO huvudkontor

BRIO huvudkontor

FOJAB has redesigned the raw attic at Skeppsbron at Malmö Central Station to become the new headquarters for BRIO. In collaboration with Ideas AB and BRIO's own project team, FOJAB has also created the interior design.

The focus has been on using all the angles and corners of the wind to create functional and playful spaces. The brick arches and wooden roof structure are highlighted against a neutral background of black and white and glass.

BRIO's identity has been captured in bright accent colors from the graphic profile and their toys are visible throughout the space in the form of niches, giant models and decals on glass, walls and floors.

Facts and figures

Project name
BRIO huvudkontor

Jernhusen (ombyggnad), BRIO AB (inredning)


660 m² LOA

Completed, 2013

Contact person
Anna Belfrage
+46 703 - 18 46 09

Project team

Anna Belfrage
Architect SAR/MSA

Cecilia Pering
Architect SAR/MSA, Senior Adviser

Kristina Freij
Higher education engineer

Mats Norrlid
Architect SAR/MSA