Bäckaskogs slott

Bäckaskogs slott

Bäckaskogs slott

To care for and preserve our cultural heritage, the National Property Board appoints house and palace architects. They are dedicated to the task for a longer period of time, which ensures a long-term approach and continuity. Castle architect Mattias Hedberg Ek at FOJAB has carried out several maintenance and renovation works at Bäckaskog Castle and Manor. The works are mainly linked to the hotel operations.

Bäckaskog Castle has a long and colorful history with preserved visible parts from the 13th century and was originally built as a monastery. During the 16th and 17th centuries, the castle was a Danish nobleman's estate and during the 18th century it served as a colonel's residence. In the mid-19th century, King Charles XV began using the castle and further extensive renovation and rebuilding took place, which has essentially given the castle its current appearance. One of the castle's main values described in the care program is "that clear imprints from the different eras of the facility make Bäckaskog Castle as a facility have great and cultural-historical values".

Several maintenance and renovation works have been carried out at Bäckaskog Castle, mainly linked to hotel operations. Surface and wet room renovation has been carried out in the hotel floor of the castle's main building. Hotel rooms and corridors have been fitted with mirror panels and period wallpaper with the intention of reinforcing and clarifying the castle character. The Rose Cottage, located in the castle park, has been completely renovated. The conference rooms in the building have been given new, more contemporary finishes.

A rejuvenation plan for the trees in the park has been made and the first trees have now been planted.

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Bäckaskogs slott

Statens Fastighetsverk

Bäckaskog, Kristianstad

Several renovation and maintenance projects


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Mattias Hedberg Ek
+46 702 - 18 43 32