Bathroom lab

Bathroom lab

Frustrated by the significant share of bathroom space in an apartment, especially in small apartments, the idea of BadLab was born: can the space be used in a smart way?

The accessibility requirement that governs the size is written in such a way that it needs to be met only after simpler action. Measures include removing the bathtub, replacing the shower wall with a curtain and removing the commode under the sink. However, the lowered level, which is the minimum requirement, must always be met. Can this difference in surface requirements between the normal level and the lowered level be used in any way? Can there be more fittings in the bathroom that can be lifted out if necessary?

The study looked at the area in commonly used bathroom types that can be used when the level of accessibility is reduced, but must be restored if the need for the normal level arises. In our test bathroom, we have filled that space with storage.

The BadLab can be taken forward in different ways. The study opens the door to the development of customized furniture, cooperation with prefabricated bathroom suppliers and housing developers as well as the exploration of architectural qualities and studies of a more academic nature such as the combination of a bathroom with a sleeping alcove or, for example, a bathroom with a kitchen.

Project team

Sofia Carlberg

Anna Thorell
Architect SAR/MSA