Urban development award to Kjell Adamsson

Kjell Adamsson, studio manager and vice president of FOJAB, has been awarded the Lund Urban Design Prize 2012 for an extension to a terraced house on Hökvägen in Lund.

Motivation of the jury:
The 2012 Lund Urban Design Prize is awarded to architect Kjell Adamsson for an extension characterized by sensitive and careful detailing that represents an exemplary densification strategy.

Through a carefully designed extension to a terraced house, which respects the character of the surrounding area, the architect has succeeded in demonstrating how to densify on a small scale. The floor plan of the house, with a new entrance at the back, allows for flexible use of the dwelling, e.g. as an intergenerational home or as a rental room for students. Also in this respect, the extension is exemplary as an example of a sustainable densification strategy on a small scale.

The character of the townhouse in terms of scale and materials has been preserved, and in a beautiful and natural way supplemented by another building in the same spirit as the original house. Great care has been taken with the details, which takes the experience of the building to a new level. The new bay windows bring the facade to life while allowing valuable light into the home.

- "When I saw the house in its original design, I saw the potential. Partly because it is a gabled house with room for an extension, and partly to be able to use the existing atrium in a different way," says Kjell Adamsson, Deputy CEO, FOJAB..