Unique investment in new station community on the main line

Three municipalities, Bollebygd, Härryda and Mark, are joining forces in a unique, unified effort in connection with the construction of the new main line between Borås and Gothenburg. Together with FOJAB architects, they have drawn up a development plan based on a new joint train station, half an hour from the center of Gothenburg. Here, the climate-smart lifestyle of the future will take shape in a region that invests in sustainable growth and infrastructure.

What would a new train station on the new main line between Borås and Gothenburg mean? Plenty, if you ask the municipalities of Bollebygd, Härryda and Mark. Together with FOJAB architects, the three municipalities have developed a joint development plan for what a station community would mean in terms of investments in housing, infrastructure, trade and municipal services. At a joint council meeting on June 3, the plan was presented for the first time to all three municipalities' council members.

- We are taking a joint approach to the development of the entire area affected by a new future train station between Bollebygd and Rävlanda, which can contribute to regional development. In this way, we show that we are united for future discussions with the Swedish Transport Administration," says Christer Johansson (m), chairman of the municipal board in Bollebygd.

The development plan is based on the three municipalities' existing qualities and growth in a 25-year perspective. A new station location between Bollebygd and Rävlanda will enable a population increase of around 8-10,000 inhabitants and eventually link the two towns together. There will be a wide range of housing, commerce and municipal services in strategic locations and proximity to nature and recreation. For this to be possible, major investments in climate-smart infrastructure are required in the area. It should be easy to drop off at school and kindergarten, take the train to work and shop on the way home. It should also be easy to change modes of transport from bus or car to train, or to get to and from the station by bike or on foot. This requires investment in commuter parking lots, roads and pedestrian and cycle paths. The focus is on creating the conditions for a functioning and sustainable everyday life.

- Good communication in an area is a factor that attracts residents and strengthens growth. The new commuter train station will be the center of the area, and with better roads to communities such as Hyssna, Hällingsjö and Hindås, it will be an important hub for the entire development area," says Annette Eiserman-Wikström (m), chair of the municipal council in Härryda.

Today, 80 percent of the residents in the area choose to travel by car due to a lack of attractive travel options. One of the key issues is to create good connections for cars, buses and bicycles, to and from the station area. A new road is proposed from Rävlanda and from the centre of Bollebygd both a new car road and a pedestrian and bicycle path are proposed, to connect both towns with the new station area.

Read the full development plan (PDF)