Theater Park receives an honorable mention

FOJAB's redesign of the Theater Park in Landskrona receives an honorable mention when the city awards its urban design prize. The ambition has been to create a safer, more attractive and more vibrant park with a clear focus on climate action.

Teaterparken is a centrally located park in Landskrona with a classic design language and historical roots from the time when the site was part of the defense facility around the castle. Despite renovations over the years, the park has been relatively unused, with the exception of a large playground.

Landskrona is expected to grow to the south and in the city's investment in the city center, a rethink and a refurbishment of the park has been prioritized. With FOJAB's proposal document as a starting point, the park has been given a clearer structure with rooms for various activities.

Around the theater building, there is now an open space for activities and events with classic landscaping. Previous rainfall problems are addressed by a large open grass area that can retain water during heavy rainfall. The lawn is framed by granite benches facing the sun.

An already green part of the park has been enhanced with trees moved from elsewhere in the park, and with a rich herbaceous layer that contributes to pollination and biodiversity in the surrounding area. Wooden walkways allow visitors to experience the environment from within and exciting play equipment links this part of the park to the existing playground.

- Landskrona is a city to love and with investments and renovations of places like Teaterparken, even more pride and commitment is created in the city, says Malin Ingemarsdotter Jönsson, responsible landscape architect at FOJAB.