Student housing for Helsingkrona Nation

The Helsingkrona Nation has received a building permit for its plans to build a 13-storey student accommodation building by the lake Sjön in Lund. Around 140 students will live in the new building, which is located a stone's throw from the nation's existing housing.

A prerequisite for the construction of a new building on this site was that the building should be a strong, independent volume. A new sculpture in the LTH Park that would stand out from the existing rectangular buildings. The building rights in the zoning plan were to be completely round, which placed demands on the layout and design of the building.

- Finding a functional floor plan that is based on the conditions of the round house and at the same time provides good and space-efficient floor plans has been the project's key issue. Add to this the requirement for rational and cost-effective production and you begin to understand the complexity of the project," explains Mattias Hedberg Ek, the responsible architect.

The house is not completely round. Instead, each floor is divided into six almost identical pieces of cake. Each piece of cake becomes a buddy apartment where two students have their own bedroom, but share a kitchen, toilet and a small living room.

- "The round shape has actually been very good for the buddy apartments because you can fit a shared and very bright living room between the two bedrooms," says Mattias Hedberg Ek.

In addition to housing, the building will also have common and more public premises both on the ground floor and at the top, where a meeting room with a view of central Lund will be the icing on the cake. In addition to Lund, you will be able to see Malmö, the bridge and all of Copenhagen on a sunny day.

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