Residents move into one of Lund's most exciting neighborhoods

84 apartments and hardly any two are the same. The last apartments in Aromalund, a new residential neighborhood in central Lund designed by FOJAB, are now being occupied. Head of Architecture Joachim Lundquist talks about one of the most exciting residential areas in Lund right now:

- This is a housing project where FOJAB's architectural philosophy - Place, People, Form - has had a major impact. In Aromalund, unpretentiousness, team spirit and great creative freedom have been success factors. And a shared desire to create something out of the ordinary. And the residents have been involved in the idea all the way from the detailed plan to the finished home.

The residential area is located next to King Oscar's Bridge, right where the stone city in the center meets the green residential neighborhoods in the west and where there was once an apple orchard. 67 of the 84 apartments are completely unique in their design. 22 are on one floor and several have a loft. All (except one studio) have at least one balcony or patio. The design of the homes is based on four different characters, based on four different ideas of living:

  • Family function contains functional city apartments with large bright entrances.
  • Stylish conviviality with large, elegant living areas.
  • Classical composition is based on a turn-of-the-century penthouse.
  • Creative concept are innovative apartments with a townhouse feel.

Each character has been applied to each of the five different buildings, and is reflected in everything from floor plans and stairwells to patios and the street environment. The neighborhood is varied, but is held together by the fact that the houses go tone in tone, in color and material.

- Working with a strong form is very important for us to create a clear identity. The form should also reflect the content and be based on a clear idea. We see this not least at Aromalund where the exterior and interior interact naturally and where both materials and feelings follow a common thread from the outside in," says Joachim Lundquist.