New sustainability initiative with the FOJABgreen methodology

At FOJAB, we have the greatest impact when we, as architects, can contribute our expertise and influence all the projects we undertake in a more sustainable direction. We want to take advantage of all the knowledge of our employees. This is why we have a structured sustainability program in the form of FOJABgreen. We took the opportunity to ask a few questions to architect Anders Eriksson Modin, who is responsible for FOJABgreen.

What is FOJABgreen?
FOJABgreen is our method for working in a structured way with all different aspects of sustainability. The method is a catalyst where we, preferably in close cooperation with our clients, examine how we can achieve the best possible results based on all aspects of sustainability. As architects, we have a huge opportunity to influence what is built and how sustainable it is.

How does the method work?
To simply describe FOJABgreen, I would say that it is a workshop, preferably together with our customers, where we put together the expertise that is most suitable for lifting the current project. It can be anything from an urban development task, a preschool or a small house. As a method, FOJABgreen is based on dialog about conditions and opportunities. The goal is to leave the meeting inspired and excited by all the different inputs and want to put this into practice.

What is the level of customer interest in sustainability and FOJABgreen?
We see that there is a huge interest in improving each project based on sustainability. At the same time, we feel that it is difficult to navigate between certification systems and difficult to make wise choices regarding design, energy, climate impact, ecosystem services and various social factors. We have accumulated a lot of experience over a long time and want nothing more than to share our best tips. FOJABgreen allows us to do this in a structured way.

About our sustainability work