New rooftop pavilion on Sveavägen 44

Now it has a roof over its head, one of the ten best rooftop bars in Europe. Landscape architect Johan Paju of FOJAB arkitekter is taking his successful project at the top of Sveavägen 44 one step further. For a few years now, there has been 3000 square meters of mountain nature in the middle of central Stockholm. The existing outdoor terrace is now being supplemented by a pavilion building in wood and glass that can accommodate about 60 seated guests.

Since the roofscape opened two years ago, at least 50 000 people have wandered around the walkways and piers, mingling and hanging out at the bar. On summer evenings, the queues are long, but during the day and the rest of the year, the 3000 people working in the office building can take their sandwiches upstairs and enjoy the view.

The landscape is special in its own right and Johan Paju enlisted the help of fellow expert Pelle Nyström for the implementation.

- What Pelle does not know about extreme plant beds is not worth knowing. The usual green roofs are often like green deserts, there are 3-4 species you work with, of course they work, but they are not biodiverse. We have three different biotopes with plant beds and a myriad of life," says Johan Paju.

The new rooftop pavilion, designed by Johan Paju together with landscape architect Sofia Fors Szuba, will be an integral part of the complex with a wooden frame, sliding glass panels in solid wood and a light, floating roof. The pavilion stands in the landscape surrounded by the piers so that the floor continues in, with a projecting pergola reinforcing the lightness. With its 150 square meters, it can accommodate a really good mingle or 50-60 seated guests plus a bar and preparation kitchen. Several new toilets have also been built, accessible to everyone on the terrace.

Johan's idea from the outset was for the roof to be public and generous. Quite unusual too - a private property turned into a public place for part of the day. Skandia Fastigheter (formerly Diligentia), the property owner, was on board and found a partner in Urban Deli, whose profile and brand matched well with what they wanted to do with the project. Urban Deli is responsible for the operation of the rooftop bar and reception, business center, café, restaurants and grocery store that are located at street level and create pulse and activity. They also run a hotel in the basement with the concept of dark, quiet and central with a good breakfast.

Johan Paju is driven by a passion - a desire to make an impact on the world:

- As an architect, you simply have to be a little ahead in your market focus and constantly challenge. It's about creating benefits and building a brand for the customer," says Johan.

- Architecture is only as good as what is built. There are many good projects sitting in drawers that have not been fully implemented. The best project is either the one you do well together with a committed property owner, or the one you never do. For me, this is a responsible and resource-efficient approach.

The new rooftop pavilion will be completed by late spring. Then Stockholmers and tourists will be able to enjoy an informal and comfortable watering hole in the middle of Sweden's barren mountain nature.